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Gemstones come from all over the world in a staggering number of colors, shapes and sizes. Prized since the dawn of civilization, gemstones have an intrinsic part in our culture. Many cultures have ascribed mystical powers to gems, have carried them for luck,  and have traded them for goods, services, and nearly everything imaginable.  Of course, their greatest attribute is their beauty as objects of adornment. 

The magic however does not end with just their beauty. Gems possess something deeper and more meaningful. Their stories. Gems are eternal, forming millions of years ago in natural processes. However, they are brought to life by people who find them, cut them, trade them, and eventually wear them. With the amazing diversity of stones, from every corner of the globe, each stone has a unique history and background.  Some gems have known histories dating back millennium, while other have new stories.  Knowing a gem's unique story connects the people who wear and collect them with the people who brought them to life. This magic gives a greater appreciation for their uniqueness and rarity.
 It's my mission to travel the world and tell the stories of these remarkable natural wonders.