Exhibiting at the Hong Kong Gem and Jewelry Expo

Exhibiting at a large jewelry and gem show, or perhaps any large trade fair, is a daunting task. It's made all the more difficult when that event is on the opposite side of the planet.  For me, doing the Hong Kong Expo in both March and June was a chance to look to a more broad audience for my gem collection. But it did mean flying across the world, and getting to work, right away.


Hong Kong is an impressive place. Like New York, a world city, but with it's own unique vibe and of course, Chinese character. The great thing about HK, is that for business, and specifically trade shows, it's terrific. Easy to fly into and easy to clear customs. Also, the gem show (in March) is located right next to the Airport. So it's simple to just fly in. And start setting up. The June show is downtown, in central Hong Kong, with great views (if you do get to step away from the booth.


When an exhibitor arrives, the day before to setup, it's usually a mess. Lot's plastic, and bad lighting. That's when a bit of merchandising experience comes into play. As this exhibit needs to express our image, it's important to make it as nice as possible.

It takes a while but I eventually get things all worked out and setup the display to my liking. 

Lot's of little gems are dispersed around some of the larger display boxes, and things are changed out periodically.


Throughout the week or so that these exhibitions take place it's extremely intense. People come and go, lots of questions, long hours standing. Also, in HK, there are many customers from mainland China, who don't speak English, so communications is sometimes complicated. Still it's a great experience for me to meet new people from all over the world, who share a passion for fine gems and jewelry.