A Simple and Elegant Engagement Ring

After being offline for a few months while focusing on family affairs, I am starting up again sharing images and stories from my gem and jewelry world. Over the last months I have worked on a bunch of new custom pieces for customers of all different budgets. I wanted to share this piece with you because it's brilliantly simple and elegant.

A few months back a friend came to me wanting something timeless and understated, to give his girlfriend as a proposal ring. The key was that he wanted it to have that 'Wow!' factor when she opened the box, but without being overdone. Every woman wants to be overwhelmed when they get a proposal, and having supreme sparkle goes a long way.  Choosing the right cut has a big impact on the type of sparkle you get. In this case he went with a cushion cut.

The stone chosen was a GIA certified 1.87ct cushion cut. The key feature of this stone is that it's really a spready stone with the length and width similar to that of a stone roughly 2cts. giving it a big look. Also, because of the number and placement of the facets cushion cut stones have, they reflect really brightly as compared to many other cuts.

In a word, Presence! This stone had presence which made it stand out in the sea of similar stones.

The Ring

The idea was to do something simple and contemporary, in which the center stone stands out, without the ring being overdone. Also, my friend wanted to have it done in a rich 18k yellow gold.

We designed out a simple four prong setting with a rectangular band, and had it CAD modeled to fit the stone correctly.


The final result: A simple and elegant ring with sparkle and presence, suitable for a lifetime together.