Yellow Sapphires

Since I have been traveling I have not had much time to update the page. Lots coming focused on my trip. But before I left New York I had a client for yellow sapphires. These are the 3 stones I proposed to my client.

Yellow sapphires make a great alternative to yellow diamonds. While not as sparkly, yellow sapphires have a beautiful color, and a storied history. They come in many sizes and shades, and can be had at a fraction of the price of yellow diamonds - yet still are a rare and desired gem.

Yellow sapphires come in a variety of shades, and tones. Typically, the richer the color the more valuable. It's also important that the color is pure - that is, without any strange brown or orange casts.  The deeper and more pure colors command the most value, and are the most desired.

Also, yellow sapphires tend to have greater windows in them (meaning it's easy to see through the stones). So clean and well cut stones are what people should look for. These stones below are all in the 8-9 Carat size range.

yellow sappiressmall.jpg

And this beautiful oval stone  weighs in at 5.10 carats.

Yellow 5.10ct Heated bottom (1 of 1).jpg