Aquamarine is March's birth stone. A wonderfully beautiful gem, Aquamarine - or Aqua, is part of the beryl family of gems, which includes emeralds.

Aquamarines, are found in great abundance around the world, but the best colors, in large size gems remain rare. The most productive areas producing high quality aquamarine are in Minas Gerais, Brazil, the mountainous areas of Pakistan, and in close proximity to emerald mining areas such as Colombia, Madagascar, and Zambia

The color of aquamarine is unique. It can have a rich light and bright blue color, but in the deeper, richer colored stones, the tone get's a bit smokey and grey. This give the aqua a more natural and compelling look as compared to the much more common treated blue topaz.

Mystics, and ancients ascribed unique properties to Aquas as well. It was said to aid with eye health, and overall sickness.